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RE: You getting out of the rat race immediately.
From: Gary a.k.a. The Millionaire Maker

You're about to discover a HUGE closely-guarded secret that will revolutionize your beliefs about what is truly possible in the world of "no money down" real estate investing!

If you know how to read, can follow some simple instructions, and have a few extra hours per week to spare, then you have what it takes to finally start making some serious money.

Notice I didn't say "buying houses." What did I say? I said MAKE SOME SERIOUS MONEY

Buckle your seatbelt. Your life is about to stop sucking immediately.

My name is Lando, I'm 24 and I live in San Diego and in the beginning of March I read Gary's e-book "Quick Turn Real Estate Yourself To Millions” After reading Gary's easy to read book, I just got it. As a result I was able to get my first wholesale deal under contract for $42,000. I want to be the kind of wholesaler that people can trust and know I'm in it for the long haul. I found a buyer in 8 days and sold it for 62,000. I made $20,000 in profit in a 2 week time span. I probably spent about 2 days of actual work on this deal. Gary, if it wasn't for you I would still just be a one deal wonder, and now I'm a two deal wonder, and counting. So to rap it up, I've gone over a year in this business without making a dime and then I buy Gary's e-book and in a month I turn that investment into $20,000.
Thanks Pal!

Who In The Heck Is Gary Stevenson?

Long story short - I'm the MILLIONAIRE MAKER of Wholesaling. I made around $250,000 my first year in wholesaling real estate, and created a nationwide house flipping MACHINE (in about 20 different states now) .

What is "wholesaling?" I'll tell you in just a second. It's the key to your freedom. But first ... My sad story ...

I grew up in a very poor area in Cincinnati, Ohio.

My parents were separted so I grew up in a single parent home. My mom worked two sometimes threee jobs at a time. Always living week to week. Always stressed. Always worrying about money. Perhaps you can relate.

I instinctively knew one thing growing up:
  • I would be rich and not suffer the things my parents suffered (God bless them - they did the best they could).

I graduated from high school and college with great grades. And had this famous saying drilled into my head "Go to school, get a job, climb the corporate ladder, and start a 401k" is the message. Play the school songs backwards and that's what you'll hear I bet.

That plan doesn't work for most.

Now don't shoot me just yet. I'm not totally against traditional schooling or anything . It's necessary for lots of professions. Like brain surgeons. I just think it could be better is all. Less "let's clone people for the System" and more "let's equip people for true success in life."

If you want the latter you will have to aggressively pursue it on your own which is what you are doing right now by reading this. I commend you. Most people don't bother.

Education is important. Formal schooling is but one of numerous dumber ways to get it.Free Tip: If you do nothing more than start reading a lot of books, you'll double your income within probably a year or so. Like magic. (You'll want to start with the one I'm about to reveal to you.)

It was evident after college I had a knack for sales. I got several sales jobs and made the position of full fledged director and started making OK money. It was never enough though. I was always living week to week. Spending it as I got it. Always getting myself into a financial bind that sucked the joy right out of life. You can probably relate.

Did you know it doesn't have to be that way?

To make matters worse, I didn't really like my job. It was like the movie Office Space. Ever seen it? You should rent it. Cubicles are torture chambers in my opinion. Or cubic- hells as I've coined them.

To make a long story short, I ended up bankrupt, single and with no car. Literally. The repo man took it. And this is all by the age of 24..

Life Came Crashing Down

A lot of good things came out of all of it. Mostly excruciatingly painful character enhancing type things. Not really anything fun and enjoyable unfortunately. One of those good things is what I would like to teach you about here and now.

Free Tip - When life is good...rejoice. When life is bad...learn.

I Would Like To Teach You How To Make So Much Cash That It Just Almost Doesn't Matter What Your Monthly Bills Are Because You Have So Much Dang Money.

And not only that, but you will be doing this from the comfort of your home.

I started to rebuild. I kept working that same job, while slowly beginning to study real estate. The market was booming at the time and intuition told me to take advantage of it.

I read every home study course I could get my hands on. I talked to every person who I knew was already involved and picked their brains. I listened to tapes and CDs constantly. I watched home video courses. I went to the investor meetings. You name it. I did it.

And I'm glad I did all that! I still do it! I literally spend at least $25,000-$30,000 a year on my education currently. Probably more. Because I know that if I can pick up just one new idea from each home study course that I am constantly going through, it will pay me back a hundred times the cost of the education. ALL winners think this way.

I assumed some mortgages and stuck renters in there. In short - I acquired a bunch of rental properties.

"$45,000 In 7 Weeks!"
"Working with Gary has completely turned my investing business around. Prior to learning his wholesaling strategies I had been spinning my wheels trying to sift through all the different investment strategies and courses on the market. I started out doing rehabs with mixed success but often ran into cash flow problems.

The first thing I got from Gary was a sense of confidence that I could be a successful wholesaler. I also learned that there were plenty of deals right in my own backyard and if I was committed enough and followed the program I could profit from them.

Once I got the "want to" he showed me the "how to", and I have been pleasantly surprised at the speed and level of my success. In the last 7 weeks we have secured 4 properties under contract; 2 are sold, one is closing next week and the 4th I just got under contract yesterday. The total profits will be about $45,000.

This was accomplished while still working 32 hours a week at my job. I have a steady stream of new leads coming in every single day, and I have cut back my hours at work next month to 2 days a week. I have no doubt I am now on the fast track to financial independence, thanks to Gary."


How Would You Like To Punch Your Boss In The
Face And Quit Your Job In A Couple Months?

I began hating my job with a passion. I'm not sure if you can relate to that or not, but...

Well whenever you hate something you tend to not perform very well at that hated thing. My paychecks got smaller and smaller (it was straight commission). It's very difficult to manage two different careers. Usually you will love one and hate the other or hate the one and love the other. So if you're considering making a slow transition into real estate or any other second job, know this in advance and prepare for it.

So I began loving real estate and hating my current job. This will happen to you as well once you start getting into it. It's only natural. Real estate = freedom. J-O-B = misery. I had to do something drastic. Bills from all my rentals were piling up and I was once again in dire straits financially speaking.

"Necessity is the best form of motivation" or so it is said. I was forced to get creative. Buying more real estate in my name was definitely not the answer. Working harder at my then current job was no good either. I couldn't stand to even be there. I was constantly asking myself (and God)

"What Can I Do To Quit My Job And Go
Full Time With My Real Estate Business?"

The answer finally came.

"Ask yourself the right questions ... And you will get the right answers."
- Anthony Robbins 

A guy I knew had been flipping houses like pancakes at at IHOP for a few years and I couldn't help but notice that his cars kept getting nicer and his hours of operation kept getting shorter.

Every time I saw him he was lounging around the coffee shop just talking on the phone (my new favorite thing to do on weekdays - it will be yours too soon!). I remember I knew absolutely nothing about wholesaling. So one day I just happened to be talking to him when he mentioned a house he had for sale for the whopping sum total of $19,000. I couldn't believe it. "$19,000??" I asked. "How much is it worth fixed up?" "Around $80,000" he responded. "It needs a total renovation though."

That's when the light bulb went on. I asked him, "If I bring you someone who is willing to pay, say, $23,000 for that property...will you pay me $4,000?" "Of course," he replied.

I called four people in my city who I knew were real estate investors and told them about the property. One of them put it under contract that very day. Site unseen. "Wow, that was too easy," I thought.

I have been a wholesaler ever since.

As a matter of fact ...

I Quickly Became One Of The Biggest Wholesalers In Cincinnati

Wholesaling is easy. Let me say that right up front. This is not rocket science we're talking about here. Find some motivated sellers and bring in some motivated buyers and profit from the transaction. Sounds easy enough.and it is.

However, there are certain things that you need to know in order to make BIG money doing this. You have no idea how possible it is to make that and more doing nothing more than flipping contracts. And that's my job - to show you what's possible.

"What the mind of man can believe..it can achieve."
- Brian Tracy

Free Tip - If you want to be successful, you absolutely must start purposefully building your capacity for faith. There is no success without it. Stop Blaming Carleton Sheets And START MAKING MONEY NOW!

Riddle me this - How much money have you spent studying real estate investing?

I just got off a phone consultation with a young lady in Dayton,Oh who like so many others is frustrated after spending thousands of hard earned dollars on books, courses, and seminars trying to break into real estate but with no success. He is about to become my student at which point all that will change quick-like-in-a hurry, I can tell you that with absolute certainty.

I feel your pain. I've been there. I spent three years trying to figure out the real estate game without ever buying one single property or making one red cent (Have you ever actually seen a red cent by the way? They're rare. And blue, which is weird).

Every book I read did nothing but motivate me. They'd get me real excited about the potential to build wealth via real estate, but I found it impossible to implement their vague strategies. And I'm not a stupid guy by any means.

Heck, even the infamous Carleton Sheets motivated me. I just came across his program in my library the other day.

Free Tip - Think twice before buying the Carleton Sheets program. It definitely could potentially suck more than anything that has ever sucked before.

Anyways, I ended up making a boat load of money in real estate the past few years (and still do) so now I'm teaching others what I know (just like I do in every other area of my life). I absolutely love to teach and help other people. I always have. In case you didn't know, it is your absolute duty in life to teach other people what you know. Always have one hand up (to your mentor) and one hand down (to your student) along the way.

My break in to real estate came with the help of a mentor/coach who proved to be invaluable. But maybe you aren't as lucky to have had someone like that.

SO - I am here to provide you with what I see as the biggest missing link when it comes to real estate investing study material: an inexpensive yet detailed, step-by-step, action plan that anyone who has at least made it past the fourth grade in special ed classes can start implementing immediately with no fear at all of making a crucial and costly mistake. And one that makes you REAL money in the REAL world REAL fast!

No more chit chat. Without further ado.

"Quick Turn Real Estate Yourself To Millions” Is Here To Save The Day!"

An Absolute MUST HAVE For Anyone Serious About Creating Massive Amounts Of Wealth Via Real Estate.

Look no further for your big break into real estate because it's knocking you upside the cranium right now my friend. Your fast track to real estate wealth has arrived. I have put together a condensed, detailed, step-by-step proven blueprint that if followed will usher in a new era of abundance into your life like you always knew you were supposed to have.

  • Real life, applicable, easy to understand advice, guidance, and instruction given by a regular guy who has "been there done that."
  • Killer marketing materials
  • All the forms and documents you need

"I Flipped 9 Houses After Reading Your E-Book!"

I have done 3 wholesale deals since purchasing your Ebook a couple of months ago.

I was able to buy a $300,000 home with a pool and a brand new 08 Infiniti G37 Sport coupe.

I owe it to your e-book. I know you get all these testimonials on success that is attributed to your ebook, but you probably never got one like this Not only has your ebook made me more money, but it has boosted my confidence!!!

Thanks Bro,


"Stop Thinking So Much! "

"I'm in Memphis, TN, and I bought Gary's e-book about 5 weeks ago. Since then I wrote letters from the probate files from my local courthouse per his instructions, got a response 2 days later from an out of town heir, met with the out-of-town heir two days later, and signed an assignment contract on a house.

It really is as simple as you said.

PS: this is my first deal!"
Thanks Gary!
Tamara / Memphis, TN

"... Im Flipping It For $47,000"

"Thanks For Cutting Through All The ..."

"I have been dabbling in real estate for a year...but have had paralysis of analysis. Your book got me off my seat and moving!

Before I heard about you the other day, I had committed to wholesaling 2 homes by Halloween, and then low and behold a man of action (you) appeared. Your simple book was just that - simple. In your few pages I got more than I had gotten out of the reams of books I have paid for from other gurus out there, that were lots of paper and low on the nitty gritty. It is discouraging how they beat around the bush yet never tell you how to actually assign a contract in 1000 pages.

But you know that already I think...thanks for cutting through all the crap and getting to the point...how to make a deal, how to set money up at the title company blah, blah, blah.

Enough said, you are busy but I wanted to say thanks....and I am looking forward to hosting you up here in Montana for some boating or snow boarding or what ever when I buy my house on Flathead Lake with my proceeds next year."

To Our Wealth
Rebecca in Montana 

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You are holding at your fingertips a resource I would have DIED to have had possessed when I started in real estate. I WISH there would have been something like this available to me. There wasn't. To get the detailed information that I am including in this digital book I would've had to spend thousands (that I didn't have) on home study courses that wouldn't have been nearly as helpful as this is!

Knowledge is everything. It's half the battle. G.I. Joe says so. T Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (read that book if you haven't already) likes to say "if you see someone accomplishing something you're not, they simply know something that you don't." Wait a minute. That should have been an official success secret.

Yeah. It definitely should have. Let's make it official -

Free Tip - "If you see someone accomplishing something you're not, they simply know something that you don't!" - T. Harv Eker

Well Here Is What You're About To "Know":
  • Develop The Mind of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor! - This is what separates the winners from the losers. The $50,000 a year income earners from the $300k+ club. I'd say only about 2% of your competition has any clue about this. Maybe less. Master this and you will shoot straight to the top - where you belong!
  • My Secret "Wholesaling Formula!" - Know exactly what to offer every time to insure you make your desired profits! This is one of the most difficult skills to develop. It took me a year to finally get this right. I paid the dues and learned the hard lessons so you don't have to!
  • How To Have Motivated Sellers Calling YOU Day In And Day Out! - Six simple, dirt cheap marketing strategies that when combined, will attract sellers to you like girls to Brad Pitt! Within just a month of getting into real estate I had my phone ringing off the hook with people practically giving their houses away. It's so easy!
  • Hands Down THE BEST Wording To Use On All Your Low Cost Ads! - "We Buy Houses" just doesn't cut it. People want their house sold NOW and our advertising needs to address this. I also show you one of the most effective places to run your ad for FREE!

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  • The #1 most EFFECTIVE Type Of Marketing You Could POSSIBLY Do To Generate The Most And Best Leads. I've Coined It "Big Baller Marketing." - It's not cheap, but then again, maybe you aren't either. Do this now or make it your goal for the future!
  • The Magical Question That Gets Right To Your Seller's Bottom Line With NO Haggling At All! - You'd be amazed at how many times I've used this and had the seller give me an asking price FAR below what I would have offered. Beautiful!
  • 3 Key Ways To Build Your Own Personal Buyer's List FAST! - My personal mentor used to pay well over a thousand dollars a month just to advertise his properties to investors until I came along. I reduced his cost to ZERO by building a buyers list of 7000 people and simply sending emails advertising the properties!
  • 5 Commons Problems You Will Eventually Run Into And How To Overcome Them! - From buyers not closing to titles not clearing I tell you exactly what to do in each circumstance. These are the little details that most books conveniently leave out because it's boring. I'm more interested in this actually working for you and putting cash in your bank account than I am about entertaining you.

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"Made $14,000 On My First Deal And Quit My Job!"

"Gary's knowledge of real estate, along with his ability to teach and mentor, makes him one of the preeminent real estate wholesaling coaches around! Under his tutelage, I learned real estate wholesaling and the logistics of owning a business.

In addition, I created and cultivated relationships with fellow investors and found a confidence that I didn't know existed. My first deal netted us $14,000! With Gary's help, I went from the cubicle to being financially free. Today, I own two businesses and work out of my house.

I also LOVE the digital book! I honestly couldn't put it down. It's the most comprehensive wholesaling manual I've ever read. It's much more detailed and information driven. So many real estate books out there just brush over the details with a broad stroke. You actually describe each step AND include the documents I need, as well.

I took a lead over the phone this morning, then went directly to your book to make sure I wasn't missing anything when I called the lady back. I actually changed my plan of attack after consulting your book. I was going to call her back and make an offer over the phone. After reading chapter 5 (I think?), I am now going to fax her the contract, since my offer is about $25,000 under what she is asking. Thank you, Gary!"

Marc Shelby 
"$16,940.56 Cash In My Pocket Within 3 Weeks Of Working With Gary!" "I have been working with Gary and just closed my first wholesale deal with him and walked away with a check for $13,940.56!! Not bad for a newbie. Gary knows his stuff and always makes sure everybody makes money.

If you are not in his coaching program, you need to get in it now. Best decision I have ever made was joining his program! Get started with him today you will not regret it. Also have 4 other deals I am already working on thanks to his program and guidance."

Closed My First Deal For A $7,770 Profit!


I had been reading his mini course on wholesaling Real Estate for the past few days. The very next week I purchased his E-Book and closed my first deal for a $7,770 profit! It took took me only 19 days to close my first deal. Now, I have another deal with a with a $130,000 First and a $65,000 second. The property was apraised for $260K. I 'm trying to wholesale it for $209K!

Charles Spears
Cleveland, TN 

Wanna Know Who's REALLY Making
All The Money In Real Estate?

I'd like to teach you the art of wholesaling. It is the simplest form of profit making in all of real estate. It is also the most lucrative (outside of development). It is where everyone should start.

When I first got in to real estate I took a good hard look at the industry as a whole. "Who was making the most money?" I wanted to know. I was not so concerned with who had the most houses or who had the biggest name or anything like that. I wanted to know who was making lots of CASH and living large. Was it landlords, rehabbers? Who?

Guess what I found out?

You guessed it - Wholesalers!

Wholesalers are an underground group of rock stars who literally make the real estate investing world go 'round. We are the source of all the deals. We are the "producers" behind the camera that make all the REAL money while the actors (rehabbers and landlords) get pimped for pennies.

Wholesalers were making all the money (and still are, especially in this current market). A wholesaler is simply someone who goes out and secures real estate at below market cost and sells their interest to the general public at "wholesale" prices.

Nobody really knows this stuff that I am telling you. Your realtor is not going to tell you this. Your banker is not going to tell you this. The real estate investing books in stores aren't going to tell you this. Carleton Sheets sure as H-LL isn't going to tell you this.

I just signed up a new student from New York the other day who had never even HEARD of wholesaling. He has already contracted on a $500,000 house since then.

Guess Who Made All The Money
In The Gold Rush Of The 1850's

Was it the people finding the gold? Nope.

It was the people selling the shovels!!!

Selling shovels is so much easier than digging for gold. It really is. Just like wholesaling houses is so much easier than hammering nails and fixing up houses. We work smart..not hard. We don't play in the orchestra...we direct the orchestra. Imagine sitting around your house every day just casually talking on the phone, tinkering with your computer and doing stuff you find fun and enjoyable. Oh, and checking your mailbox for checks every morning. That's literally my reality.

All my friends who are wholesalers make well over a million dollars a year. They drive luxury cars and live in mansions. All my friends who are landlords...well let's just say they don't drive luxury cars or live in mansions. But they sure are busy!

STOP! - Do you ever wonder how nice it would be to own a real luxury car? (Not a Lexus. I said a real one.) Picture it. It's real. You can have it if you want it.

I'm not trying to be busy. I'm trying to be FREE. And that is exactly what I want for you, my friend. Real independence. Freedom to do what you want when you want in whatever fashion you desire. Wholesalers are, "the rock stars of the industry."

Haven't you always wanted to be a rock star? Everyone does.

A Shocking And Delightful Story

Allow me to share with you a shocking story that will literally blow you away like Donald Trump's toupee on a blustery day.

I will refrain from rhyming for the remainder of our time together. Actually, let me save that story for later. You're gonna flippin DIE when you hear this. But it's not time yet.

Let me first answer the question you're asking yourself right this very moment.

What Is The Difference Between Quick Turn Real Estate Your Way To Millions And Other Courses On The Market?

I'm glad you asked! The difference is:

This doesn't suck!

Throughout this eye-opening report I have given you the most brilliant "success secrets" absolutely for free. This one definitely exceeds them all though:

Success Secret - If you want to succeed in any area of life, you must avoid listening to people who suck!

People who suck will tell you that the real estate market today is bad and you should look for another industry to make your money in. I love those people. They get out of my way beautifully. But I have one word of advice for you...

don't be one of these people and don't listen to one of those people.

They're probably realtors (don't get me started on that one) or idiots who blame their failures on everything but themselves.

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"But What About The Recession?

I Thought The Housing Market Sucked Right Now!"

Uuumm... stop thinking so much. That's half your problem. There is a TIME for thinking; don't get me wrong. But it is directly AFTER you have already semi-blindly and instinctively taken action. I'm not kidding. Read the book Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson. Successful people act first and think it all through later. Sounds absurd, right? Well may I humbly point out that life in GENERAL is a tad absurd? So you'll be right in line with reality (a place where most of your competition, you'll be happy to know, does not live).

"Recession is the the re-allocation of money from the scared to the bold."

- Paul Lemberg, one of America's sharpest business coaches

I'm actualy making MORE money than I did when I first started back in that hot hot market we were all blessed to be a part of. Read through these testimonials. A lot of these (including the first one) were from this year!

ALL of my friends who are wholesalers are still producing LOADS of cash for one reason and one reason only - They (and me...and YOU now) choose to position themselves in a niche part of the real estate industry that flourishes no matter what the market is doing.

We couldn't care less if it's up or down or sideways or diagonal or a squiggly line that points in no particular direction at all or just no matter what!


If the market is down it simply means that we buy at much cheaper prices. And people are still buying if the price is right. This applies for every demographic.

But just to set your mind at ease, I recently wrote a revised edition of Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom that addresses the recession. It includes the intimate details of the ONE THING we've started doing differently since the down turn. It is this revised edition you will soon have in your hands.

"But Are There Buyers For These Properties?"

Well let me ask you a question. When do people with money (they are the one's buying real estate after all) like to buy? When prices are high or when prices are low? If you can't answer that then find the red X at the top right of your screen, click it, and skidaddle outta here. This is strictly for people who have made it through 9th grade economics. They buy when prices are low, of course.

There are a bazillion deals out there to be had that can easily be contracted on and sold to the general public within a DAY.

Heck, one of my students just brought in a deal that we sold in 2 hours. $10,000 in profits locked in.


My goal here is to teach you how to align yourself with the ONLY people making money in real estate right now - wholesalers. This is an opportunity of monumental proportions.

Now maybe your particular local real estate market is still strong. I was consulting one of my students in NYC today and he was telling me how great the market was up there. That's fantastic. Makes it much easier for us to sell our wholesale properties in that sort of market. We thrive and prosper no matter what.

I Make Money DOING What I Teach

I do not just teach real estate investing, I do real estate investing. I have at least a couple closings per week, and pour through leads every single day. We are in over 22 different markets now in the U.S.

Everything that I will be teaching you I currently do myself (with my students). These are real world strategies for real people. No guru bullcrap nonsense.

This is the actual manual that I give to all my students. They take this information and produce big pay days regularly. The principles and techniques can be applied nationwide.

At your fingertips is a detailed blueprint to real estate wealth that leaves NOTHING to the imagination. There are no vague ethereal concepts that leave you scratching your head saying "um, yeah, but how do I apply this in real life like right now?" Or "ok, I've done this one thing you told me to do but you weren't clear on the next step."

"Gary, Why Did You Create This Product?"

And Other Stupid Questions

"You love to teach? Gary, cmon. That can't be the only reason you're doing this."

Man, that is an intelligent observation. Congratulations on that intelligence.

Ok, for all the Captain Obvious super heroes out there flying around with their brilliant insights saving the world from darkness and ignorance, let me just go ahead and address that: Um, I'm also doing it for even more money. Duh. I mean, yeah, I made a boat load of money, but now I'd like a YACHT load. That ok with you, Captain?

Money is one of those weird things that you can never have too much of. Not sure if you realized that or not. Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen. Go read it.

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"But Will This Work In MY City? You Don't Understand How It Is Where I Live!"

Yes. It will work where you live. Does it get any worse than Detroit, Michigan? In case you don't know, the city of Detroit has all but physically turned into hell as of late

Real estate is simply not selling in Detroit. There are no jobs. The auto industry is in chaos and factories are closing down and re-opening in China where people like working for 17 cents an hour apparently.

You can't GIVE properties away in Detroit, Michigan. Or so they say.

This guy would beg to differ though.

Renting Out Houses And Living Miserly Is For LAME-O's!<

I don't want you to have to wait until you're 60 years old and can finally sell all your rental properties to be able to start living this way. If you live miserly for 30 years and then finally have a bunch of money, guess what...you're still going to live miserly!!! You've trained yourself to live that way. You'll never enjoy the fruits of your labor. I can show you how to live life BIG, both now and then.

As a side note, the word 'miserly' sure looks a lot like the word 'miserably' doesn't it?

Free Tip - There is no such thing as "get rich easy." But there darn sure is such a thing as "get rich quick." Don't be fooled by people who sound intelligent but have nothing to show for it.

Read through all the Rich Dad Poor Dad books (which teach financial freedom for the masses) and you will see a thread running through all of them. That "thread" is real estate. And if you look closer you will find that "wholesaling" is the recommended means of producing the cash that is needed to sustain a real estate empire. The difference between those books and THIS e-book is this:

I give you simple, detailed, step by step instructions (including the forms to use!) exactly how to go about doing what Kiyosaki vaguely describes.

If your goal is to own a bunch of real estate? Fine. But mark my words, if you do not have the cash to back it up, your little empire that made you feel so good about yourself will come crashing down like Brittney Spears' singing career.

GET CASH RICH! That is my challenge to you. I used to just love telling people that I owned ten or fifteen properties or whatever I had at any given time. Loved it. Boosted my ego. But guess what? I, like so many others, was property rich and cash poor! Evictions, repairs, and vacancies all started piling up and before you knew it...I was in trouble. I needed cash.

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The One Bad Thing About My Product

The one bad thing about this product is that it is severely over-awesome. I mean, the awesomeness may be so overwhelming to you, that you may actually die.

And that is definitely a bad thing. Actually, in all seriousness, the one thing I will openly confess about this digital book is that it is NOT a full home study course.

It is an e-book. It is the most information packed e-book you will ever read, but it is an e-book nonetheless. Not a full blown exposition of the wholesaling trade.

While it does contain everything you need to know in order to make real money flipping houses, there is plenty more useful information that I chose not to include. But I did this very purposefully. First of all, I don't want to confuse you with too much information because that could prove to be a stumbling block. There are certain things that you simply do not need to know until after you're making a couple hundred grand a year. You can literally take what information I have provided and immediately start making money.

But also, I wanted to keep this very very affordable so that literally ANYone can have access to this knowledge. There is no excuse not to have this. Wait till you see the price.

I Just Made $45,000 Last Tuesday After Reading Your E-book!

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Bought property for $100k sold it to investor for 145k..

Your ebook is great!!!


Back To The Shocking And Delightful Story...

Would you like to own a house like this for you and your family?

"You can achieve and have anything you want in life. But it takes dedication, sacrifice, discipline, and WILL. Not many people understand the power of that one word - will."

- Kenny Rushing / Self-Made Multimillionaire 

This Is How We ROLL!

Do you really understand and believe that all this is possible for you as well?

It is. I'm here to help you believe it. The more you surround yourself with people like me and my friends the better chance you have of being successful. That's just how the game works, my friend. You are who you routinely associate with. No way around it.

Plenty of people go out there and flip a contract or two every once in a while and if they're REAL lucky make $100,000 a year. That's for the birds. And for one of the annoying birds at that. Like a seagull or something. You don't even need this book to do that. By the way, I can't stand seagulls. I don't trust them at all.

You do however need this book in order to go out and make a bajillion dollars a year and more as one of the biggest wholesalers in your city or town. Not everyone is doing that.

You are going to be doing it.

New Friend of Mine, let me ask you a question. If you had tons of cash (which you will soon if you do exactly what I say)...how would your life be different? Would you feel any differently if you could stop worrying about how you were going to pay all your bills next month? Or next week even?

How would you like to be free? Free to travel (I'm currently writing at the Beverly Hills Hilton), free to be around for your kids, free to make your own decisions in life, free to help others, free to buy what you want, free to buy what your wife or husband wants, free to be YOU! REAL FREEDOM! My life is dedicated to producing this for people just like you.

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"Money isn't everything... unless you don't have any. Then it seems like it's everything."

- T Harv Eker

Imagine What It Would Be Like To Be Financially Free

What would it be like to not have to go to work anymore? To wake up whenever you feel like? To work when YOU want as opposed to when your boss wants? Would you enjoy being able to call in "well" instead of "sick?"

Picture it now: "Uh, yeah boss, I'm calling in well today. Yeah, that's right - I'm perfectly healthy and wealthy so I won't be coming in. Ever again. Plus I make nine times more money than you now and I'd hate to stick around and make ya feel bad about it. Im not trying to ruin anyone's emotions here. Cya." Click. Dial tone.

Does any of that sound good to you?

Well it sure does to me. It sounds so good that I went out and did it. And let me tell you something - the day that I made $50,000 my first month in full time real estate (just weeks after quitting my job) and sat back in my chair knowing that work for me was now optional that particular day..wow. There is only one word to describe it - freedom. Real freedom. The way life was meant to be lived.

We were not meant to be slaves to corporations, my friends. Nor were we meant to be controlled by the government. "The land of the free"- remember? And keep in mind - I'm just a regular guy. Never went to college. Wasn't born into money, and had no real connections at the time.

******I went on that same year to make $250,000 in real estate******

(Admittedly this is not typical of most beginners. What can I say? I'm exceptional!)

I've been living this "free" way for a few years now and I like it so much I've decided I need to bring a bunch of people with me because I'm lonely. And I like teaching. Every time I look at all the cars in rush hour and every time I'm sitting around the coffee shop during a weekday and see sheep (I mean 'employees') in ties marching in and out in a hurry to get to their desks, and every time I see the movie "Office Space" I just shake my head in disbelief.

"Do these people realize there is a better way to live?" I feel like Neo in The Matrix watching all the people who don't even realize they're prisoners.

"Quick Turn Real Estate Yourself to Millions” is going to encourage you, strengthen you, embolden you, empower you, and equip you for true success both in real estate and also in life.

This is your doorway into a brand new way of living and thinking about life! You better get in now before that door swings shut on your fingers!
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This is my life now! And it will be for you too! Get excited!!!

The problem is I'm actually allergic to too much money. So half the time I just give things away to everyone. Ask around. It's true. People are getting rich off me here in Ohio buying my cheap properties that I could charge way more for. Now that I think about it, that brings me to a good point that I left out of the book.

Here is a free tip, even if you decide not to buy my book (which I know you will so I don't even really know why I just said that). There's a fee for the next tip so enjoy this one on me:

Always leave room for the next guy.

That should have been a Free Tip. Leaving room is what keeps you in business. It is also what actually makes you more money. What goes around comes around. Sometimes I'll be confident I can make $20,000 on a flip, but I'll still let it go to someone for only a $10,000 profit. You know why I do that? Because I love people, I have an abundance mentality and I know it will make it an easy and fast sale.

My thinking is this - "There are so many deals coming my way that this doesn't really affect me all that much. Plus, it'll make the buyer extremely happy and he'll come back to me forever." Needless to say, my reputation is stellar. But don't just take my word for it -

"...I Had Purchased A Home That Had REAL Value In It."
"If you have never been involved with real estate, then I would advise you to make your first purchase from Gary. He was up front with me about the pricing and the value in the home that I purchased. I was a bit skeptical at first, because I had previously dealt with unscrupulous persons trying to sell me junk.

I was shocked and surprised that I had purchased a home that had REAL value in it which I could increase with a little hard work and elbow grease. Well, I took a piece of coal and turned it into a diamond.

As a testimony to all I say being true, I have included some before and after photos of the property. Thanks Gary for being a man of integrity and delivering what you promised. In the world of real estate today that is rare. I look forward to doing business with you in the future."

- Brad Mack / U.S. M.C.

Results not typical. Yours will vary. See "disclaimer" at bottom of page.

"I bought my first investment property ever from Gary. It was a frame home in Mt Auburn (Cincinnati) that I still own and have rented out on section 8. The best part is that it needed very little repairs!!! I immediately refinanced the second mortgage and pulled out spendable tax-free cash!!! That first deal with Trinity Investment Properties inspired me to start my own real estate business. Since that time I have acquired deeds to five more homes!! Thank God I had someone I could trust helping through my first deal."

Ms. Diane
"I bought 40 properties last year and am looking to buy 100 this year. I absolutely could not do this without the help of honest wholesalers like Gary. You can trust this guy and I pay cash for most of the homes I buy from him. I don't even usually SEE these properties until after the close! He takes care of me and I take care of him. In return for closing on time and keeping my word, he calls me in advance on everything he gets. I buy 'em before anybody even gets to HEAR about them! Currently I have five of his properties under contract and am closing on all of them this month. All the deals I have bought from him turned out to be great deals and I expect nothing short of that with these. There are lots of shady people in this industry but thank God for a breath of fresh air like him. He is the type of gentlemen that ends up writing books and teaching seminars!!

Sean Gomez
Cincinnati, Oh
"I Made $41,451,000 Using Just ONE Idea"
"Thanks Gary for the information you provided in your course. I can't believe you dont charge more for it! Why is it so cheap???

I literally just brought in a check for $41,000 using just ONE idea that you mentioned. And I didnt even spend any money to do it! Not one cent!

My advice to others would be to read chapter one 3 times in a row, then read the rest of the book and DO EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS! Write down your goals, have unwavering faith you can accomplish them, and take action.

Then just sit back and watch the checks come in.

Thanks Gary!" 

What's It Gonna Take For Me To Get My Hands
On Quick Turn Real Estate Yourself To Millions, Gary?

New best friend of mine, you are going to literally fall off your chair when I tell you how much I'm charging for my product. Seriously. Make sure you're wearing protective gear like knee pads and a face mask or something. I don't want to get sued for making you fall off your chair.

Maybe even lay some cushions around you, depending on how high you've got that thing jacked up. Unless you're an experienced stunt man like myself of course. In that case throw caution to the wind. Maybe even pour a little gasoline all over the floor and drop a match. Try to do a few flips on the way down. Land on one foot. This has gone on way too long.

As a matter of fact, I'm not even totally sure how much I'm going to charge for this. Seems to me like it's worth a pretty penny. Yes. It is indeed worth a pretty penny. 4,900 of them to be exact. 4,900 cents was my original thought as far as price goes. That's $49.00 for those of you who don't speak in pennies.

Me personally I pay for everything in pennies. I buy a lot of stuff and I'm trying to annoy the world into converting to a paperless money system. You should have seen the look on their face when I brought in the penny rolls to buy my Beemer.

I gave all my students free copies. After reading it they felt even that was too cheap. I mean, one of my students literally got a check in his pocket for over $40,000 just a couple weeks after coming under my wing and I didn't give him half the information I'm giving you. And he did it by implementing just one simple strategy that this book contains.

My Ebook For Only $49 IF...

You're in luck. This is a brand new product, and I need success stories pronto. If I give this valuable information to you today immediately for only four thousand nine hundred pennies ($49.00), will you do me a favor? Will you promise to email me a testimonial after your first check? No matter how big or small it may be. It could be $5,000. It could be $50,000.

Heck, my friend Paul wholesaled a deal a while back and made $104,000. A friend of mine out in Cali made $90,000 on a house with just the information that my bonus book contains. All you need is the right knowledge to start living the life that you really want.

<<<Warning! I plan on raising the price on this VERY soon!>>>

I Know What You're Thinking.

"$49.00? Are you kidding me? That's it??? This is too good to be true. There must me a catch." Well there's not. I realize I've written a heck of a long sales letter for a relatively inexpensive item, but truth be told I am a writer. This is something I enjoy to do.

And as for the crazy low price for my invaluable information...I plan on selling a million copies of it. Do the math. Yes, I could charge more. But why? Stop being so skeptical, and take advantage of my generosity.

$49.00. That's it. A literal drop in the bucket compared to the value you're getting. And if you begin your real estate business this year, that book becomes educational material that is tax deductible (as far as I know), which means the government pays for up to $20 of it for you (thanks, Sam). Check with your accountant.

Click below for instant millionaire status.
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You do realize what I've done, don't you? I've written a sales letter for my product that's approximately nineteen times longer than most.

Why did I do this?

Because it contains valuable information that most people would save for their book. I gave it to you for free. I can't help it. I'm addicted to not making as much money as I probably could for the sake of complete strangers. There's probably a name for this disorder. But you know what they say, one person's disorder is another person's blessing. (Do they say that? They should say that.)

I'm dedicated to your Success. Let's make it happen.


Gary Stevenson

P.S. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with turn to make the decision to take that first step. I will support you all the way and show you and teach you what you need to know in order for you to create a successful, booming, home-based real estate business as fast and easy as is humanly possible. Don't delay. My experience has been that our financial problems do not simply go away. We have to act now and purposefully remove them! Isn't it time to achieve the success you deserve?

P.P.S. I love you.

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"Experienced wholesaler takes business to next level with Gary's assistance!"

"In August of this year I had 90 leads come across my desk & not one sale. I decided to join your mentoring program in September, even though I've been doing deals for 2 years now. I realized that I was missing something but couldn't figure out what it was. After joining I had 2 contracts almost immediately, one of them I would've surely passed on if I didn't have you to guide me. Thanks for delivering over & above my expectations."


What are you doing reading down here? Are you kidding me? I've bought a bajillion digital books myself personally just in the last year and I purchase them all after reading the top two paragraphs. What the heck? Buy the dumb thing already. It's fifty bucks, not fifty thousand. Successful people take action quickly. Oh wait, I get it. You're one of those special people who think everything is too good to be true.

Well, in this case..you're right! I really am too good to be true! But I'm here anyway and truer than ever. I have defied all logic and overcome nature itself and thank God for it.Let's get goin'! GO GO GO! He who hesitates lactates. Haven't you ever heard that before? Well it's true. So knock it off. We have enough milk in the world. Stop delaying.